Morphe X The Jeffree Star Artistry Eyeshadow Palette

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This bright, fully fierce palette knows a thing or two about dominating a room with larger-than-life looks. Dive into these 30 attention-grabbin’ shades and show ’em what you got, mama.

(Finish: matte and shimmer)



ROW 1:

    Welcome / shimmering crystal
    Back / matte blush
    To / shimmering pink pearl
    My / matte cotton candy
    Channel / matte poppy
    Wand Noise / blood orange sheen


ROW 2:

    Lynn / matte cream
    1985 / matte melon
    Mogul / matte deep magenta
    Self-Made / matte hot pink
    Dog Mom / shimmering pinky peach
    Honest Truth / matte coral    


ROW 3:

    Designer Label / shimmering champagne
    Mr. Diva / matte tangerine
    Boss Angeles / matte cayenne
    Pink Fleet / matte fuchsia
    Calabasas / matte merlot
    Don’t Know Her / shimmering bubblegum pink


ROW 4:

    Rolls With It / shimmering cool gold
    Millions / golden glitter
    Girrrl / shimmering copper
    What’s the Tea? / matte ochre
    Vroom Vroom / matte slate gray
    Custom Rims / shimmering polished silver


ROW 5:

    Glam Rapids / shimmering golden mint
    Wake & Bake / matte avocado green
    Nate / matte bright green
    Drive-Thru / shimmering antique gold
    Hi Dude! / matte dark chocolate
    Fast Lane / matte ink black